The DIHLA-DAKOSY Interest Group of Hamburg Liner Agencies was established in 1985 by 25 Hamburg liner agencies, at the initiative of the Hamburg Shipbrokers' Association. The purpose of the organisation is to promote the development and roll-out of a data communication system for the port of Hamburg, to represent the joint interests of the Hamburg liner agencies in implementation of the system, and to raise the necessary funds to do so.


The DIHLA GmbH is to ensure that the competitiveness of the Hamburg liner agencies is promoted by the introduction of DAKOSY(Datenkommunikationssystem AG), and to ensure that only liner agencies having a contract with the DIHLA are connected to the system. DIHLA is to discuss fundamental transport policy issues with the transport operators and in particular with all handling operators, authorities and institutions involved in container operations, and to examine rationalisation measures (IT) in this context. DIHLA is empowered to acquire shares in other companies to promote these goals.

  • DIHLA GmbH holds 33.3% of the shares of DAKOSY AG.
  • The capital stock is ‚Ǩ 250.000,--.


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